Rally Participants

Name Rally Group
Keith &Judy Griffiths November 2019Spanish
Pam & Norman ollierNovember 2019Spanish
Paul & Bev HarrisonFebruary 2020Spanish
Mac & Maggie MorrisFebruary, March, May, June 2020Spanish
Mike and Sue GarfieldFebruary 2020Spanish
Garry & Carol KimberFebruary 2020East Midlands
Joan & Arthur GikesFebruary 2020East Midlands
Joan and courtney Purnell February 2020Spanish
Karin & Phil BrownJanuary 2020Spanish
Colin & Ingrid SpencerFebruary, March 2020Spanish
Colin and Linda HeatherFebruary 2020Yorkshire 14
Anthony & Anne ChildMarch, May 2020Spanish
Mark & Brenda ElsonApril 2020West Wessex
Mike & Sue GarfieldMarch, April 2020Spanish
Ray & Margaret WilliamsJanuary, February, March 2020NW Mids & Nw (12)
Anthony and Anne ChildJanuary 2020Spain
Andy & Angy HardingOctober 2019Spanish
Andy & Angy HardingJanuary 2020Spanish
Mark & Brenda ElsonMarch 2020west wessex
Terry & Lynda Sweeney Radford Collins March 2020SW&W
Melanie WardJanuary 2020East Midlands
Lou & John HansonJanuary, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November 2020Spanish
Glenys StephensonOctober 2019Spanish
Sandra PiddockOctober 2019Spanish
Tony & Doreen Mills January, February, March, April 2020Spanish
Mac Maggie MorrisJanuary, April 2020Spanish
Colin & Ingrid SpencerApril 2020Spanish
Steve & Blod Meadley October 2019Spanish
Brian & Phyllis HillOctober 2019Essex
Val and Bob JohnsonJanuary 2020Spanish
Ray & Margaret WilliamsOctober, November 2019NW Mids & Nw (12)
Larry and June Lockett October 2019South West peninsula group
Garry & Carol KimberNovember 2019East Midlands
Mark & Candy HalesNovember 2019NW Mids & NW
Mark & Candy HalesOctober 2019NW Mids & NW
Andy and Maureen SuttonSeptember, October 2019Isle of Wight
Mac Maggie MorrisSeptember, October, November 2019Spanish
Val and Bob JohnsonSeptember, October, November 2019Spanish
Tony Mills September, October, November 2019Spanish
Michael GarfieldNovember 2019Spanish
Janice and Michael BendallArray 2019Spanish
Peter HarrisonFebruary, April, May, June, October 2019Spanish
Brian KennedyJanuary, February, April, May, October, November 2019Spanish
Val and Bob JohnsonArray 2019Spanish
Lou & John HansonJanuary, February, March, April, May, June, October, November 2019Spanish
Mark & Candy HalesFebruary, November 2019NW Mids & NW
Colin & Ingrid SpencerJanuary, February, March, September, November 2019Spanish
Peter SteenhuisArray 2019Spanish