Nov 292018


MINUTES, 13 November 2018.

Members Present- Mike Bendall, Bob Johnson, Val Johnson, Mac Morris, Tony Mills, Geoff Balshaw.

  1. Bob Johnson was elected by a unanimous decision to take Vice Chairman.
  2. Rally Hosts were discussed, also it was agreed to look for an alternative to Kiko Park Rural, as this site was too remote for some members.
  3. The relaxing of host duties was discussed, and it was agreed to hold the Rally fee for all at 4€ per van for 2019. This will take the pressure off, for Hosts and make it easier to provide for the Meet and Greet. (Proposed by Bob and Seconded by Geoff)
  4. Return of the Club Trailer- an outsider is to investigate to see if Dave Bellsey is still in Spain.
  5. Rally Register – this Register on line was generally mentioned on several occasions previous, Colin is going to look at the Web page for us.
  6. The club projector was discussed again, as we felt it was inadequate for our needs. Bob is to ask Colin to look into this and sort a more professional Projector for us.

There was no Other Business.