Apr 152020

MINUTES, 11 April 2020
VIDEO Meeting

Members Present- Mike Bendall, Bob Johnson, Val Johnson, Tony Mills, Louise Hanson. Tony Child.
Also Present: Colin Spencer (web master)
Apologies, Mac Morris

1. Mike Opened the meeting thanking Colin Spencer for setting up the web meeting to enablethe committee to get together during the Covid19 pandemic.

2. Mike went on to raise points he wanted the committee to discuss/consider

a. Why do we need hosts for rallies,
b. Why do we need meet and greets with loads of food prepared by hosts
c. Why do we need raffles
d. Why do we need to book rallies over a year in advance, can they be booked 2-3 months in advance
e. Why do we need the committee in its current format? It was agreed that all the roles have to be filled but we need to define what that role entails

3. Discussions continued around these points

a. It was agreed we don’t need a meet and greet or a rally fee
b. Mike suggested the people at the rally decided what they wanted to do. Eg. Scooter rides, dog walks, bike rides
c. Val pointed out that we must abide by the club rules on committee roles
d. Bob reminded the committee we still have many club games and music which can still be used at rallies whatever the format
e. It was agreed that if someone does a quiz or organizes petanque we don’t need to give prizes

4. AOB

a. The May rally has not been cancelled but it may be depending on future instructions from the government
b. The June Rally is cancelled as the campsite cancelled. It was discussed whether we should look for a different site but no decision was made
c. Mike reminded the committee that we do have a substantial sum of money and we need to consider what we do with this
d. Bob reminded the committee we have many assets that are held at Bob and Val’s
e. Val left us with the question, Is this from now? We agreed we will have to get together in the near future to make decisions

Mike closed the Meeting