Aug 302020

At a recent committee meeting it was decided to change the format of forthcoming rallies. The reason for this is twofold: the lack of members volunteering to host rallies and also the impact of the Covid 19 virus.

  • In future rallies will no longer have a designated host.
  • There will no longer be food and drink supplied at the Meet & Greet. The Meet & Greet will still be held but participants will supply their own refreshments.
  • There will be no formal agenda for the rally. Should a rally participant wish to organise a meal at a local restaurant, a bike ride or a game of petanque etc. that will be encouraged.
  • Campsite bookings and any deposit payment necessary will be the responsibility of the individual member.
  • A rally fee will no longer be payable.
  • A small fee may be payable for participation in a petanque competition, for example, to fund a prize for the winner/s.

In future it is anticipated that more rallies will need to be held at inland campsites due to the increase in numbers of Spanish registered motorhomes and when visitors from other countries return to Spain filling the coastal sites.

Other changes need to be discussed at October’s AGM and so the committee ask that as many of you as possible attend to ensure the future direction of the Spanish Group is what the majority want.