Nov 192019

Camping Imperium. Villajoyosa.  11th to 15th  November.  12 vans attended of which 2 couples were visitors from the UK groups. We also had a couple  on a taster rally who now intend to join. The hosts were: Colin and Ingrid Spencer along with Mike and Sue Garfield as co-hosts.

A few of us arrived a day early so we sat out in the sun with wine and beer, catching up on each others news.

On Monday a few of us went down to the sea front in the morning to walk the dogs and have a coffee before the meet and greet. The meet and greet commenced at 3pm and was officially opened by our deputy chairman Bob Johnson. Our hosts laid on an excellent buffet accompanied with Mulled wine and lots of Vino and beer. Unfortunately we had to call it a day at 6.30 as it was getting cooler and we’re not used to cold weather.

On Tuesday morning we had a petanque tournament which lasted nearly 3 hours and was won by one of our English visitors, Candy Hales partnered with Keith Griffiths from the Spanish group. In the evening we had a general knowledge quiz in the campsite bar with lots of drinks and nibbles. Our potential new members Pam and Norman Ollier along with Spanish members Mike and Sue Garfield were the winners.

Wednesday was a day out for the bicycle and scooter owners. The cyclists went into the hills and the scooter owners headed towards Benidorm. Some of us wandered into town to give the dogs a walk. The rally meal was held in the campsite restaurant in the evening and it was an absolute feast with a tuna salad and chicken salad to start. This was followed by 3 more starters, a main course then a sweet. We also had wine and beer in large quantities. As you can imagine this was very expensive, 11 Euros (£9.40) the lot (unbelievable) Following the meal the hosts had arranged a raffle. All in all it was an excellent night.

fancy dress

Our fancy dress participants

Thursday was the highlight of the week for some; the hosts had arranged a minibus into Benidorm  for the Expats parade. An incredible day where nearly everyone turns up in fancy dress, Benidorm was packed. Some rally members went in fancy dress costume but most of us just went for the fun.  More pictures can be seen in the Gallery for the November rally

All too soon it was Friday coffee morning, prize giving, farewells and big thanks to our hosts for an excellent week. Lots of felicitations before we parted as we won’t get together again until next year.


Oct 222019

Camping El Tranquillo. Pinoso 14th to 18th October. Hosts:- Val and Bob Johnson. Bryan and Phyllis Hill

14 vans attended of which 5 were visitors from the UK 

As is becoming the norm a few vans arrived a day early and had a pre rally Sunday roast lunch together at the campsite restaurant.

The rally officially started at 3pm on Monday with the meet and greet. The hosts had prepared a delicious Chilli with baked potatoes and rice. Alongside this was a buffet of nibbles and obviously lots of beer and vino. The members continued chatting, catching up on news and sharing stories until the 8.30 when the sudden temperature drop at sunset put an end to the get together.

Two groups set off on Scooters and bikes on Tuesday morning, the bikes cycled into Pinoso and stopped for a coffee before heading back to the site. The scooters went to a local Bodega to sample and buy wine and other alcoholic beverages at bargain prices. Much to her husband’s disgust, Doreen Mills managed to drop the imitation Baileys she bought at a bargain price and had to buy another, no longer a bargain. The afternoon was spent trying to solve the van quiz; each van hung a small closed cloth bag from the van mirrors. Each bag contained a small item and you had to identify it, not as easy as it sounds. This was won by Keith and Judy Griffiths, well done to them. In the evening the hosts had arranged a social evening in the campsite bar where we were allowed to take our own drinks. This was quiz night, a challenging general knowledge quiz set by Val and Bobby’s music quiz; the winners were Lou and John Hanson, Sandra Piddock and Glenys Stephenson. Following the quizzes Bob played music to get us dancing and succeeded in getting many on the dance floor.

On Wednesday some members took advantage of the mini bus that was going into Pinoso for the market, it also gave them an opportunity to explore the town. Another group walked to a local bar restaurant for an excellent Menu de Dia, 10 euro’s for 3 courses and a drink. It was a challenging walk back up hill so some of the scooter owners ferried some members back. Others decided to burn off a few calories. Another get together in the bar in the evening for “Play your Cards Right” which was won by Blod Meadley another quiz and the rally raffle. Unfortunately our hosts had had to leave the rally as Val Johnson felt ill, she was taken to hospital in Benidorm where she was admitted and a procedure was carried out on her heart. She is now on the mend and we will hopefully see her at our next rally.

On Thursday we had a Petanque tournament which was won by Mac Morris and Judy Griffiths. Thursday evening we had a three course rally meal in the campsite restaurant which was a fitting end to the rally. 

The final day had come all too soon; we had a coffee morning at 10am where our Chairman Mike Bendall presented prizes to all the competition winners. Mike also updated us with Val Johnson’s progress which was good news. Then lots of hugs and kisses before we all set out on our journeys either back home or in the case of our visitors continuing their adventures in Spain.

Sep 182019

Camping Javea 9th to 13th. September. Hosted by The Committee.

Seventeen vans attended of which 4 were visitors from the UK. As is becoming the norm a few vans arrived a day early and we had a pre rally get together around
the meet and greet area.

The meet and greet started at 4.00 pm on Monday in beautiful sunshine, the hosts had laid on an extensive buffet which was accompanied by lots of beer and wine. The socialising continued until 10pm as members were catching up from the 2 month gap since the last rally.

We split into 3 groups on Tuesday; those that had scooters went off together. Another group went off on bikes and the rest of us most who had dogs walked down to the port of Javea. Unfortunately on the way back the heavens opened and we were drenched, it was the start of the stormy weather that the Costas experienced which was the worst weather for over 100 years. In the afternoon the sun came out and again we got together to share news. In the evening we had the group meal at a local restaurant.

Wednesday morning was the AGM which finished at 11.30. Petanque was planned for the afternoon but was cancelled due to expected rain. In the evening we got together in a function room for Bingo, Quizzes and Fantastic music from Andy Harding one of our members.

Thursday was a free day; we woke up to torrential rain which continued all morning. A few members left as they were worried about flooding at their properties. In the evening we went for a meal in the campsite restaurant to celebrate Mike and Jan Bendalls 55th wedding anniversary. Mike & JanThe group had secretly arranged a card and cake which the restaurant presented.

All too soon it was Friday, a few more left but some of us stayed on as roads and motorways were closed for anyone going South of Alicante.

In spite of the weather we had a brilliant rally, lots of fun, lots of socialising and a bit of vino.

Jun 152019

63867427_2318360638412295_397131088712957952_oThe June rally was held at Tortuga Mora, near to  Cabo Cope from the 10th to the 14th hosted by Geoff and Brenda.

6 Van’s attended in glorious sunny weather for the first couple of days, then the wind strengthened giving slightly cooler temperatures. The meet and greet was up the usual standard with plenty of drink both alcoholic and soft. The food was prepared by co hosts Brenda and Judy.

Tuesday saw a knockout petanque competition played on a purpose built court which was won by Geoff  and Andy, watched by all under the shade of a gazebo. Tuesday night saw the wind increase and an awning packing competition ensued.

Wednesday morning a scooter run to Puntas Cal Negra was organised and in the evening the site laid on a magnificent BBQ with live music supplied by Geoff, Paul on saxophones and Andy on guitar.

Thursday morning was a chill out time and Thursday evening a fun quiz night saw Alan and Marilyn take a win.

Friday morning saw the coffee and biscuits handed out at the host’s van along with the prizes for the petanque and the quiz before everyone made their way home. 

Some photos are in the gallery.

May 292019

Torre Del Mar Camping. May 13th to 17th. Hosts Tony and Anne Child.

60361520_10156371566687149_1946659223576248320_nThis rally was in Andalucía which is a long drive for many of the members. The location of the site is superb, across the road from the beach and 5 minutes from the town. We had 13 vans in total with 3 visitors from the UK. We welcomed 2 new members Isabel and David Gibson. As is becoming the norm a few vans arrived a day early and most of us went for a pre rally meal in the town.

The meet and greet started at 4.30 in beautiful sunshine, the hosts had laid on a buffet and a brilliant chilli with rice plus plenty of beer and wine. It was after 10pm when the last ralliers returned to their vans, many slightly inebriated.

We split into two groups on Tuesday, those that had scooters went up into the mountains and stopped for a coffee at a bar overlooking a lake, see picture. The rest of us walked along the sea front and then walked back through the town so we ladies could get some retail therapy.

On Wednesday we stayed on the campsite and had a petanque competition which was won by me, Louise Hanson with Phil Gibbs, never came anywhere near in the past so we were both shocked but happy. We also had a tabletop sale and used the time to do the van quizzes. One which was hand drawn pictures of war films that had to be guessed, this was won by John and Louise Hanson, me again. The other van quiz was a cryptic quiz to identify UK towns which was won by Den and Jen Morgan

Thursday morning gave us ladies another chance for retail therapy on the local market which was only a 5 minute walk from the campsite. In the afternoon we got together at a bar on the beach which had live music by a brilliant band. The day was rounded off with another quiz which was won by, Bob and Pauline Horan, Ann and Peter Harrison and Anne Child.

All too soon it was Friday, we got together in the morning for a coffee and the prize giving, lots of hugs and goodbyes until next time.

Some photos from this months rally here.

Apr 252019

Euro Camping, Oliva    14th – 18th April.

57129658_10156304350737149_6616742469218336768_nA busier rally this month with 17 vans and as usual we welcomed visitors from UK groups. We had one van from the West Country group, Alan Roe, one from Anglia, John and Irene Taylor and one from Lancashire, Harry and Marie Stothard.  Our secretary Sandra Piddock was unable to attend as she was in the UK

As is becoming usual some of us arrived a day early, 9 vans arrived on the 13th and went out for a pre-rally meal together at a local restaurant.

The campsite was next to the beach so before the meet and greet some of us took the dogs for a walk on the beach to cool down as it was a very hot day. It was lovely to see our Chairman, Mike Bendall back with us to open the Rally. The meet and greet started and 4pm where our hosts Doreen and Tony Mills and Co hosts Lou and John Hanson put on a fantastic buffet. As usual we also had plenty of beer and wine to cool us down which we continued to consume well into the evening while we caught up on each other’s news.

On Monday we split into groups, the scooter owners drove down to Gandia harbour for a coffee, the push bikes went to Kiko port, for a coffee and the walkers took the dogs for a walk on the beach and a swim in the sea, returning to the campsite bar for a coffee. Then we all met up back at the vans to chill out for the afternoon/evening.  The following day 32 of us went back to the local restaurant for the rally meal which was superb. We had 3 courses and a wine or beer for 11€ each and the service was excellent. Following this we returned to the vans to continue partying.

After a lazy week, on Wednesday we got together for a Petanque competition which was won by Mac Morris and Brenda Balshaw. We had lunch together around the hosts vans then had a general knowledge quiz and a raffle.  As rain was forecast for the following day we brought forward the prize giving which was planned for Thursday morning outdoors. The van quiz was won by Mike and Sue Garfield and the general knowledge was won by the Dingbats (Brian Kennedy, Margaret Rivers and Tony & Doreen Mills).

Luckily it was dry on Thursday morning so we were able to say leisurely goodbyes before setting off home.

Some photos in this months gallery.

Mar 312019

Camping  L’Alqueria.    18 – 22 March. Gandia

A quieter rally this month with only 13 vans, 3 of which were UK visitors.  Andy and Maureen Sutton from the IOW group, Patricia and Keith Spearing from West Sussex group and Maria and Richard Jansen Gilbert from East Mids Group. Unfortunately our secretary and Chairman could not attend as they were in the UK.

The rally was held in Gandia to coincide with the Fallas Festival which is the traditional celebration held in commemoration to St Joseph. The term Fallas refers to both the celebration and the monuments burnt during the celebration.  The Fallas are models made mainly of papermache and can be taller than the surrounding buildings. After being judged locally they are burnt on the evening of the feast of St Joseph. Pictures can be found on our Facebook page or website gallery.

The rally officially started with the meet and greet at 3pm on the 18th although some of us had arrived a day earlier so had an impromptu get together. The rally was opened by our vice Chairman who welcomed us all especially our visitors from the UK. The rally hosts, Mac and Maggie Morris and our visitors Maureen and Andy Sutton had excelled with the cuisine, a buffet and curry and rice. We were also celebrating the 47th wedding anniversary of two of our members, Elizabeth and Ian Bennett. They brought along a fantastic rainbow cake which was superb. Celebrations went on outside until the sun disappeared and we retired to our vans.

On the 19th many of us went into Gandia town and walked round the Fallas which were located at about 20 locations round the town. The trip around the Fallas was exhausting but many members went into town in the evening to watch the burning of the Fallas, this didn’t start until 11pm and went on until the early hours. None of us had the stamina to stay until the end.

We had a damp start to Wednesday but it dried up in the afternoon so we were able to have a quiz and Bingo outdoors. Once again lots of food, provided mainly by Andy and Maureen Sutton and Mucho Vivo. A meal had been booked at a nearby restaurant for the lunchtime rally meal on Thursday. We followed this with a street party with music and dancing until well after dark.

All too soon it was Friday, a coffee morning and time to say adios until next time. Some of our UK visitors were setting off back to the UK, we will miss them

Feb 162019

A busy rally with 23 vans booked in, nine of which were UK visitors joining in our fun in the sun.  Four  from East Mids, three from NW Mids and NW, one from Essex and one from Yorks. Unfortunately our Secretary and Chairman couldn’t attend as they are currently in the UK.

Our vice Chairman Bob Johnson opened the rally on Monday afternoon and welcomed all our visitors from the UK groups. The hosts set out a fantastic buffet and lots of cerveza and vino. We were again  lucky with the weather as the sun shone and we continued to party until 7pm at which point we went back to our vans and put the heating on.

Tuesday involved scooter rides and bike rides for some to explore the area, the rest of us did some retail therapy at the market which was round the campsite bar (very convenient). In the evening we all met up for a meal in the campsite restaurant. Good food and great company, as a bottle of wine each was included in the meal we only vaguely remember staggering back to our vans.

Wednesday was another get together where we had a street party at lunch time which again lasted until evening and included a quiz and entertainment. We are lucky to have two guitar players in the group (Bob Johnson & Clive Winter) who entertained us with music from our younger days so we could dance to some old favourites.

On Thursday the hosts had set up a treasure hunt around the campsite which was won by Maria and Richard Janson-Gilbert from the East Mids group. Following that the group got together for a valentine quiz which was won by a couple from the Spanish group, Val and Bob Johnson (alias Bobby Valentine). The campsite had entertainment in the evening for Valentines day and many members went along to that.

All too soon it was Friday, prize giving and time to say goodbye. Tony and Ann Child won the van quiz and Lynn and Clive winter won the Film quiz. Many hugs and double kisses until we meet again next month.

Photos are in this months gallery.

Jan 202019

Camper Park La Ribera. 14 – 18 January. Santiago De La Ribera

 A quiet rally with only 11 vans attending.  Three were visitors from groups around the UK.  Joan and Arthur Giles from East Mids,  Margaret and Ray Williams from NW Mids and NW and Linda and Colin Heather from Yorks. Unfortunately our Secretary and Chairman couldn’t attend as they were in the UK.

The first rally of 2019 started at 2pm on Monday afternoon, with lots of hugs and New Year wishes. We were lucky with the weather as the sun shone and the temperature was over 20 degrees. Plenty of food and drink and much merriment were enjoyed at the meet and greet but unfortunately it only lasted until about 5 as the sun began to set and the temperatures dropped.

On Tuesday it was the first anniversary of the camper park and we were invited to Zumba in the morning, a Big Paella in the afternoon, which was superb and included a free drink. In the evening, live entertainment was on in the campsite bar and many of the group braved the evening temperatures to join the audience. 

On Wednesday we split, some went to the local market and then met up for coffee others went off on scooters or bikes to explore the area. In the evening we had a quiz in the campsite bar which was challenging to say the least.  It was won by Spanish members Bryan Kennedy, John Hanson and from East Mids, Jo and Pete Pilkiw who had joined us for the evening.

On Thursday the sun was shining so some of the group walked to the sea front for a coffee to work up an appetite for the rally meal which was in the campsite restaurant in the afternoon. The group took over most of the campsite bar for the meal in the afternoon and the staff pulled all the stops out to serve up a fantastic 3 course meal for 8 Euros.

Friday came round all too quickly; at 10.30 we had the coffee morning and prize giving. Ray and Margaret Williams won the van quiz. We had also discovered it was the 44th wedding anniversary of Colin and Linda Heather, our visitors from York’s so a bottle of Cava was presented to them. Everyone thanked the hosts Lou and John Hanson before setting off home.

Photos from this rally are in the gallery.

Nov 192018

Caravanning La Manga. 13th – 16th November. A few members arrived a day early and attended the Sunday morning remembrance day service organised by another UK organisation who have a winter rally on the site.

campsite22 vans attended the rally, 8 were visitors from groups around the UK. 2 vans from East Mids, 2 from IOW, 2 from West Sussex, 1 from NW Mids and NW and 1 from Severn Valley

The rally started on the Monday afternoon with an outdoor meet and greet which went on until very late and a lot of beer and wine was consumed.  Presentations were made for outgoing Rally Officers, Bob and Val Johnson and outgoing Treasurer Lynn Winter. For those that wanted to take part, the group split Tuesday morning, a group went out on Scooters, another on Cycles and another took a coastal dog walk .  Tuesday evening was quiz/raffle night which we managed to get a room for. A petanque competition was organised for Wednesday  morning  and an impromptu music session by our talented guitarists,  Andy Harding, Bob Johnson and Clive Winter filled our afternoon. In the evening we had a group meal in the campsite restaurant and I must add, the Spanish do excellent Steak pie, chips, peas and gravy. We were given a chance for a well needed rest on Thursday but had more entertainment in the evening from Andy Harding and our brilliant saxophone player, Geoff Balshaw. Fridays coffee morning included prize giving for the winners of the weeks activities. Everyone agreed in was a fantastic rally and thanked the hosts Tony and Doreen  Mills & Mac and Maggie Morris for putting on a brilliant agenda. Missing from this rally was our secretary and her husband Sandra and Tony Piddock who are currently in the UK with medical problems. We missed them and hope we see them soon

This was our last rally in 2018 so lots of hugs before we all departed although a few of us are going back to La Manga for Christmas week

A gallery of images from the rally are here.