Welcome to the MCC Spanish Group.

We are the only group of the Motorcaravanners’ Club based outside the UK, and we welcome all existing and prospective MCC members to our rallies. You will find we do things slightly differently here, as our group covers the whole of Spain, not just a local area, but we are proud to be part of MCC, and to be able to introduce visiting UK members to this beautiful country.
Typically, our rallies are mid month, from Monday to Friday. We always rally on full facility sites, for which we negotiate good discounts for members. That said, it’s helpful if you have an ACSI card to guarantee the price you pay. Things work differently here in Spain, so you can arrive early and/or stay longer, as all sites have their own public liability insurance, and we don’t require separate rally insurance. You’ll be welcomed at the Meet and Greet, where we’ll feed you and give you wine, beer or a soft drink while we outline the rally programme.
As sites in Spain are not keen on reserving large numbers of pitches without a substantial deposit, we ask that if you wish to attend a rally, you let us know ahead of time by using the Rally Booking form, otherwise we can’t guarantee you’ll be sited with the rally – or even at all! We can also be contacted via the contact us form on the website, or the MCC in Spain Facebook page. 
Rally fees are €4 per unit per rally. This covers the food and drink for the Meet and Greet and rally activities. We also hold a raffle to cover prizes for quizzes and competitions, and to subsidise activities such as coach trips, walking tours, etc. There is always plenty to do on an MCC Spanish Group rally – or you can just relax and enjoy our average 320 days of sunshine each year. Hasta pronto amigos!